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    Do you hear that? No? Then you must have an excellent plasterboard system! Due to it even the situations when the finest of the tones sounds like a chain saw, have a simple solution. Afterall, not everything is for your ears, they deserve their comfort! With plasterboard walls you hear only what you want to hear.

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    Thermal insulation

    Opposites attract, so the frosty winter beauty goes together with pleasant warmth, to which you can return. Plasterboard guards it for you, so it doesn´t just escape up the chimney, wasted. Thanks to it you don´t waste your money on unnecessarily high heating costs, you only lose "goose bumps" from an unpleasant chill.

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    Bearing capacity under load

    Not sure whether to go for plasterboard? Hesitation is unnecessary because your requirements are taken into account and converted into reality. This material can bear also the things that have their weight. To fix a full shelf on plasterboard is not too daring anymore. Practical solutions are always important, therefore they are our preference.

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    Surface smoothness

    You can easily handle the material roughness as well as the problems that came up to the surface. The surface finishing of the plasterboard will do that trick. If you need it, your wall can be smooth and clean as a skating rink, where everything runs without a hitch. We’ll just hit your requirements.

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    Fire behavior

    Sparking may not always be pleasant. Especially concerning your appliances. When overloaded by too many obligations, you might fail to handle it all and then it can get pretty hot. Plasterboard is prepared even for such situations. It has an excellent fire resistance, so a few degrees over the limit will not so easily send it to the "hot hell". Do not invent trouble. You better get secured by what we can do for you.

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    Color variations

    You do not want your world to be black and white? You don’t need a pair of rose-tinted spectacles. You can get exactly the color you have in mind. We can offer a wide color scale. Let your plasterboard show its full color and make your fantasy a reality.

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    Are you afraid of earthquakes? We too! Therefore, we work with plasterboard, which is able to bear more. If you one day for whatever reason find the ground under your feet shaking, it does not need to turn out to be a disaster. You just need to be surrounded by the right kind of wall, which is not supported by some "shaky legs". With plasterboard we can guarantee that.

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