About us

GIPEX Company Ltd. was founded in 2007. Its headquarters is in Bratislava. We provide the realization of plasterboard constructions, mineral and aluminum coffered ceiling. We have about 70 employees. We have been operating in this field since 1999.

We are a stable company that offers the customers a guarantee on our projects. Our goal is to meet the requirements of the submitters in a maximum scale when solving the technical issues and searching for common procedures for the successful completion of the project.

Stable company Stable company
Guarantees for realization Guarantees for realization
Satisfied clients Satisfied clients

Plasterboard is an innovative and non-toxic material suitable for the realization of partition walls, ceilings, attics, protruding walls, raised ceilings, partitions, acoustic insulation walls or for example as tiles of bearing or non-load bearing walls (so-called dry plaster glued directly to the wall). They bring numerous new creative possibilities especially inside the buildings.

We have participated in many construction projects:

  • Business Center MAX Prešov
  • Headquarters of SPP (Slovak Gas Industry), Bratislava
  • Business Center Laugarício, Trenčín
  • Optima, Košice,
  • Business Center Galéria, Košice (Stage 2)
  • Production hall of Magneti-Marelli,
  • Kechnec production hall DeMiclén, Levice
  • Medical center Prievidza
  • Volkswagen production plant, Bratislava
  • Production hall Bracchi, Levice
  • Jurki Hotel, Bratislava
  • Kaufland store Banska Bystrica
  • Kaufland store Bratislava
  • Kaufland store Bardejov
  • Kaufland store Čadca
  • Lidl store Námestovo
  • Lidl store Žilina
  • Business Center Bardejov
  • Business Center Michalovce
  • Business Center Prešov
  • Partial realization of a residential building Vienna Gate, Bratislava
  • Hotel Chopok Demanovska Valley, Liptovsky Mikulas
  • Manhattan apartment building, Bratislava
  •  Gasoil Poprad
  • Nuclear power plant Mochovce
  • Administrative center Westend Quadrant
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